46th Southern Regional Conference, Nashville, Tennessee

Arts and Letters and Educational Development

Featured below in First picture: Petula Y. Gomillion (Immediate Past-President ) and Sarah Stevens (Third Past-President & Charter Member)

Second picture: Sarah Stevens, Genese Lane (Committee Chair), Debra Frazier (Arts & Letters Chair), Yvonne Woods (Arts & Letters Chair & Second Past-President) and Petula Y. Gomillion

53rd National Convention (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Southern Regional Luncheon

4 Distinguished Service Awards: Arts & Letters, May Week, Physical & Mental Health, and Economic Development

Featured Below on First Row: Genese Lane, Petula Y. Gomillion(Immediate Past- President), Sarah Stevens(Third Past-President&Charter Member), Brittany Gomillion, Debra Valrie Covington(Chapter President)

Second Row: Betty J. Sapp( Vice-President), Cynthia Smith, and Jacqueline Lett